Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NFX Online Documentation Released

A Beta version of documentation released for .NET Framework Extension Project here: NFX Library Documentation.

The name "NFX" stands for ".NET Framework Extension", there is also "JFX" and "*FX" in works. All of them form a "Unistack". "Unistack" = "Unified Software Stack", a conceptually-monolithic library that facilitates whatever service/facilities developers need to create scale-able, solid business/data-driven application systems (not just applications). As such, the unistack support many facilities that traditionally are scattered among myriads of disjoint software frameworks.

NFX is a application-system development framework that addresses the following concerns in a UNIFIED (as in the "same pattern") way. Oh, and one more thing. NFX does not use any 3rd party libraries for the services it provides, except for things like database driver (i.e. MongoDB driver). So, NFX is a self-contained library (but for DB drivers) which is less than 2 mb in size compiled that provides: these functions

NFX Library Documentation.

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